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Bit of a catch up this week to let you know what's happening.

'Last of the Sirens' is available from Siren Bookstrand

With 10% off until tomorrow!

Here's an adult excerpt to whet your appetite - look away now if you're likely to be offended by it.  (I would like to add that there is an actual story to this, it's not just about the sex).

Adult Excerpt

She looked at him, amazed. It was beyond her grasp to understand that he preferred her to the women outside. He caught her gaze and chuckled.
“You are beautiful, inside and out,” he said, caressing her cheek. “I want to be with you always. Do you understand that, Amaranda?”
Before she had a chance to reply, he bent forward and kissed her luscious mouth. His tongue circled her succulent lips before gently dipping inside, seeking her own tongue. Their kiss became more passionate as the haunting song surrounded them, and he pushed the basket to one side to lay her back on the bed.
Amaranda sighed deeply as she felt the fire start to smolder in the pit of her stomach again. Her nipples felt tight, and she felt like she would burst out of her tiny bikini bra. She could feel his hot hands roam up and down her body, and she relaxed, relishing his touch. Eban licked her neck and she shuddered. She felt a tingle as his tongue ran down onto her breast, and he pulled the material down to expose her heaving bosom. She gasped as he took her in his mouth, nibbling around her nipple and sucking at her breast. This feels like nothing on earth!
“You’re so gorgeous,” he murmured as his hand strayed into her panties, stroking her wet pussy.
“Eban!” she cried as the heat shot through her body. She wanted this sensation to last forever.
He removed her bra with one hand and suckled her other breast, causing her to moan ecstatically. She could feel herself flooding down below, as the tingles in her breasts gave way to a feeling almost like pain as he sucked hard. He kissed her mouth again, and she gazed longingly into his deep blue eyes, noticing how much darker they became with his arousal. Her hands tangled in his hair, and then one hand ran over his shirt as the other stroked his cock through the fabric of his trousers.
“Uh–uh,” he muttered, shaking his head, and he started a descent down her shivering body, kissing and licking down her breasts, then her midriff and her soft tummy.
When he reached her panties, he quickly removed them. He gazed at her pussy, which was now dripping wet, before kissing it reverently and licking at her curly brown hairs.
Amaranda bucked as his soft, hot tongue slid easily into her slit and he lapped at her juices. She felt like she was going to come on the spot, never having experienced anything remotely like this in her life! His probing tongue found its way up to her clit, which it circled, while he stroked her pussy with one hand, and fondled her ample bosom with the other. She closed her eyes, as spots of silver light appeared in front of her. She could feel her clit become engorged and tight as he lapped all the way from her perineum towards it, never quite touching it. Her hand tugged at his blond curls, while the other stroked her other breast, getting rougher as her arousal grew. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more of his sensual licking, he swiped his tongue over her clit and she screamed as her whole body jerked up. The fire coursed through her, and everything clenched tightly. Eban put his finger into her vagina before offering it up for her to lick. Her juices tasted of salt, and she lapped at his finger, imagining it was his cock.
As her breathing started to slow, she noticed him pulling at his own clothes. His massive cock sprung free of his trousers, and she leaned forward to stroke it.
“With your mouth,” he whispered huskily, leaning over her face, while he stretched behind him to stroke her pussy.
Seeing the desire in his face, she willingly opened her watering mouth and licked at his dripping cock before enclosing her lips around it.
“Suck hard,” he commanded breathlessly.
She happily complied. It felt hard as rock, but the skin was like satin. She created a vacuum with her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, only to be rewarded by a loud hiss of his arousal.
“Lick around the head,” he whispered in her ear, still stroking her pussy and slowly fondling her labia.
Eagerly, Amaranda opened her mouth and held the stiff cock in one hand while she licked around the massive purple head, sticking her tongue into the little groove on the underside, and slurping the juices that leaked out of the top. Her breasts tightened again as her excitement grew, and she could hear him gasp with his own arousal. Her pussy suddenly clenched around his fingers and she jerked automatically.
“I’m going to come,” he groaned, and shifted his body until his cock edged into her soaking pussy.
“Do you want it?” he whispered desperately.
“Yes—oh yes!” she cried as she grabbed his cock and pushed it into her.
He thrust forward and came almost instantaneously with a loud moan. She felt his seed shoot inside her aching pussy, and she screamed her own climax, gripping his torso, digging her nails into his skin.
Eban held her shoulders as he pushed long and hard into her soaking vagina. His cock began to shrink and she noticed his breathing starting to slow. He was looking down at her. His eyes looked full of wonder. She felt her skin flush and beads of sweat appear around her brow. She was panting, her mouth smiling. Her brown eyes were bright and shining up at him. He slowly withdrew from her pussy, cum pouring out with him, and he held her with one arm while he reached for a leaf to dry himself.

I am looking forward to visiting my friend, Jennifer Denys on her blog soon for an interview - hope you can join us

Jennifer and I are also getting together to host a facebook event on 14th December - Jen and Bella's Naughty or Nice Xmas Party - pop in if you can, we'd love to hear from you! We're planning lots of laughs, competitions, news, etc!

Upcoming News - the second book in the 'Sirens and Sailors' series is due out on 30th January 2014.  It's called 'Scourge of the Siren' and follows Amaranda and Eban in their new life together.  I promise lots of action, emotion and, of course, SEX!

Also - my New Year's Resolution for 2014 is going to be to blog more often - so look out for that!

Current news - I'm part-way through reading two books at the moment; 'Retraining the Dom' by Jennifer Denys - this is such a fantastic read I've had to pace myself so I don't finish it too soon, have you ever had to do that?

I'm also reading 'Her Terms' by Amanda Kay, which is a brilliant read, very emotional.  Take a look at the link below for more details and excerpts.

Her Terms (MF)

Whatever you're reading and/or writing this week, I hope you have fun!

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