Monday, 9 December 2013


Can't wait for my trip 'up north' this weekend for 'Jen and Bella's Naughty and Nice Xmas party' - really hope you can join us on facebook.  My great friend, Jennifer Denys and I are getting together for a brilliant afternoon.  We're planning lots of laughs, competitions and give-aways. 

Had my first-ever professional photo-shoot  this week at  in Leicester, England.  Had a make-over with the lovely Ruth, who is not only a fantastic make-up artist, but also styles hair beautifully - even mine!!  Michael, the photographer is very professional and has some great ideas for poses.  Together they put you totally at ease, and the results are terrific.  I'm aiming to post some of the pics on here in the near future.

Finally gave up the day job last week, so will be spending loads more time on my writing, as well as blogging and posting on facebook, so look out for me. 
I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment on here or on my facebook page if you get a spare minute.

'Last of the Sirens' continues to sell and I hope it will be on third party sites including Amazon next week sometime.  Was really thrilled to get a 5-star review for it on the Siren Bookstrand website this week!  'Scourge of the Siren' is due for release on 30th January, and the third book is about half-finished as I write this.  I am still researching BDSM for the third book - such a fascinating subject - and loving every minute of it!  ;).

Enjoy whatever you're reading and/or writing (or researching!) this week,


  1. Well done on the photos! Sounds like exactly the same experience I had.

  2. Thank you - have to admit I didn't go nude for any of them though - not that brave... yet! ;)