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NEW RELEASE - Bella Settarra: Isla's Irish Cowboy


I'm really chuffed that my latest book in The Cowboys of Cavern County series is out. This is the fourth in the series of standalone novels, all taking place in the same area.


By Bella Settarra

When he opened his mind, she opened his heart

Isla Gillingham is a beautiful, successful model – so she’s bound to be a spoiled, selfish diva, right? At least that’s what Kean Maguire presumes until he meets her. His impression of her changes in a heartbeat when he sees her dressed casually, eating fries, smiling and giggling.
Not one for socializing, Kean is secretly happy to volunteer to take Isla and the photographer into the mountains for a photo shoot – until Isla’s manager, Tabitha Merchant, warns him that there is a powerful legal team ready to pounce the minute he slips up, and a court battle will not only lose him his job, but also result in the closure of the Fielding Ranch.
Isla is immediately taken with the Irish cowboy, and thrilled when he leads their trek into the mountains. His demeanour is anything but friendly, however, and even worse when an accident occurs on a narrow ledge.
Reluctantly, she allows Kean to offer her shelter at his cottage when the weather deteriorates. Given the chance to learn more about each other can she persuade him that she is not the calculating bitch he assumed? And is his heart really as cold as the ice outside, or will it melt with the driven snow?
As Isla admits that her life isn’t quite as happy as it seems, Kean must disclose his unsavoury past, despite knowing it could completely turn her against him. But their lives change entirely when they discover they are not the only ones keeping secrets...

Story Excerpt

“Smile.” Stefan’s voice pulled her from her thoughts and she realized she was practically frowning.
“Sorry.” She gave him a dazzling beam, suddenly remembering where she was, and once again breathed in the atmosphere.
Stefan chuckled. “The far-away look was pleasing to start with, darlin’, but it got a bit fierce, I’m afraid,” he told her. “No prizes for guessing who you were thinking about there.”
Isla laughed. The whole crew saw the way Tabitha ordered her about and they had all remarked on it at one time or another.
A marquee had been erected on the grass a short distance from where they were working, and the smells of burgers and sausages wafted over, taunting them.
“I don’t know about you, but I think it’s supper time,” Stefan announced after a while.
Isla let out a grateful “yee-haw”, playfully throwing the hat into the air in relief.
“Perfect.” Stefan had continued to snap more photos while she did so, and she rolled her eyes. He was a brilliant photographer, and never seemed to stop working. Some of her best shots were taken by him when she hadn’t been posing or expecting it. She supposed that was what made him so good.
Isla gazed up at the mountains which looked black against an inky-blue sky. In the distance stars were appearing and she hugged herself happily. Living in the city, she hadn’t actually seen the stars for a while, and she was surprised how much she missed them. There was a lot about the country that she missed, she realized.
She followed Stefan into the marquee, which was set up with tables and chairs, with the cooking area at one end. A hot buffet had been laid out and Isla licked her lips at the spread available to them. She dutifully piled her plate high with fresh salad, but couldn’t resist adding a sausage and a few fries. Tabitha’s eyes bore into the back of her head and she knew her manager wouldn’t be happy if she put on a couple of pounds. Still, she’d been told they would be riding up into the mountains for some action shots over the next few days, so she was hoping to shed any excess weight that way. Eating while on location was always a challenge.
Stefan showed her some of the pictures he’d taken while they ate. Isla was amazed how relaxed she looked in them. The setting sun had bounced off her blonde curls, adding a sort of halo in some of the shots. That, with the dreamy expression while she had been enjoying the scenery made for some lovely pictures.
“The shorter hair frames your face beautifully,” Stefan told her, “it really suits you, darlin’.”
He must have noticed that Tabitha had just come to join them, and Isla smirked at the look of annoyance they received from the older lady.
“I’ve got your schedule for tomorrow,” Tabitha announced, placing a folder on the table next to Isla’s empty plate. “We’ve got an early start so you should think about getting to bed as soon as you’re ready. We’ve got a meeting with Ms. Trotter, who wants to go through her requirements and show us some of the locations she has in mind for the shoots. I just hope the weather holds.”
Isla nodded, wiping her hands in a napkin before taking up the file. It was winter so there was a good chance they might be hindered with poor weather, but snow hadn’t been forecast this week so that was good. Isla had lots of warm clothes with her, and the trailers were surprisingly snug.
“At least you’re not doing bikini shots,” Stefan offered with a grin.
Isla rolled her eyes. “It’s supposed to be fashionable wear for cowgirls,” she reminded him, shaking her head. “I don’t think we’ll see many of them scantily-clad around here, do you?”
“Not if they’ve got any sense,” he agreed, giving her a cheeky wink.
“The people from one of the local ranches are coming to speak to me about arrangements, but haven’t organized a time.” Tabitha looked disparagingly at the document which Isla was flicking through. “I hope it’s not a sign of how things are done around here. Slap-dash and shoddy.”

“Which one’s he then?” Isla asked, noticing a gorgeous hunk in a cowboy hat entering the marquee. Her stomach, which roiled with anger a few seconds ago was now burning with a totally different sensation.

Adult Excerpt

Kean tangled his fingers in her soft, blonde curls. He stroked the smooth skin of her neck, causing her to buck deliciously up toward him with a soft moan.
He had never felt anything like it. It was like running his fingers through velvet. Her shoulders were like silk, and he couldn’t resist trailing one hand down her body. She was so sensitive, and jerked violently as he caressed her skin. He grinned. He’d remember that. The way she had reacted to his teasing with her feet had surprised and delighted him, and it was good to know her whole body was a mass of nerves, just waiting to be teased mercilessly – and he was just the man for the job.
Isla arched her back, pushing her gorgeous breasts hard into his chest. He watched her face, her eyes fluttering open and closed all the time as she writhed beneath him. God she was hot!
His rock solid erection jabbed into her softness as it strained against the denim of his jeans, desperate for its release. Desperate for her.
Kean kissed her again and she groaned into his mouth. Her fingers dug into the back of his neck and she clung to him for dear life. Their tongues fought wildly against each other as their rampant breathing filled his ears.
Isla grappled at his waistband, her need surpassing her manners, and he loved it. Her slim fingers slid between his skin and the button which she quickly unfastened, and he sighed inwardly as she tugged at the metal zipper which was wedged against his ardor.
With a deep chuckle he slipped his own hand down between their groins, chancing a brief stroke over her pussy while he was there. Her breath hitched. Good.
He felt her nimble fingers caress his as he yanked hard on the zipper, and her hand covered his as he slid it down, freeing his desperate cock. Staring into her face for a reaction he was relieved at the way she licked her lips, panting hard. Her eyes were on fire, pleading with him, and he didn’t need asking twice.
Kneeling backward he pulled the denim down his thighs, then quickly stood as he hauled the jeans off his legs. The cooler air wafted across his glistening skin and he welcomed it like a long-lost friend. His whole body felt like it was a furnace and he longed to divest himself of the last scrap of fabric which clung to his groin like a wet rag.
Isla was watching him, biting her lip, her chest heaving up and down as she panted. Her hands were at her waistband and he watched her unfasten her belt and then her button. As her fingers reached for her zipper he took a step toward her.
“My job, I think.”
She stared up at him, her eyes full of hope.
Kean grinned, running a finger over the denim which covered her pussy.
“Please,” she whispered.
He nodded and slowly pulled at the zipper. Her whole body felt tense to his touch as he took the waistband and gently hauled the fabric from her and threw it next to his own jeans.
Her legs were smooth and freshly-waxed. Her pink satin panties were plastered to her pussy in a dark, sticky mass of passion. He watched her chest heaving and her eyes stared at him, full of desire. She raised one knee, sliding her foot slowly up the bed, and put her arms above her head, offering herself to him while at the same time teasing him.
His cock twitched at the sight and she licked those full lips of hers again. The ache in his groin told him he couldn’t wait much longer and he hoped that the look in her eye was telling him she felt the same.
Although desperate to jump on top of her, to feel her skin once more, he couldn’t resist gazing at her beauty for one more minute. She posed beautifully and he wondered if she had ever had photos taken in just her underwear, or less. If she had he would love to see the results, although he would be jealous of the photographer who shot them. He wondered if it would be Stefan. His earlier concerns about them being an item had dissipated when they had been up on the mountain taking pictures. The camera loved her but Stefan didn’t. He flirted with her but there was no real emotion between them. And he would know – he had scrutinized her every move, every expression.
“Kean?” Her voice was smooth, like melted chocolate and he suddenly realized he was staring at her.
His cock reacted to her before the rest of him. He smiled and she visibly relaxed. Slowly he kneeled on the bed. Isla’s hand reached out to him and he took it in his. Her skin was like the satin of her underwear.
Gazing at her gorgeous face, he gently kissed the tips of her fingers before trailing them down his torso and planting them on the waistband of his briefs. She gasped with surprise, but took hold of the elastic, still staring back into his eyes. Carefully she peeled the fabric from his body, allowing his cock to spring free of its confines.

Relief washed through him and he balked at the sensation. Isla continued to pull the sodden fabric down his legs, still watching only his face. He put a hand down and helped her remove his briefs and then took her fingers and placed them around his throbbing member. Only then did she look down.

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