Sunday, 22 September 2013

Welcome To Bella's World !~

Hi there

This is my very first blog so please bear with me.  

I live in the beautiful English countryside and have a day job which, to be honest, I would give up in a heartbeat if only I could afford to stay at home and write all day!  Writing has always been my passion, though I didn't actively pursue it until a recent stay in hospital made me realize that I was wasting my life not doing what I really wanted to do.  (I had dabbled with writing children's stories in the past, but never actually got anywhere with it.)  I love reading erotic romances and went to a literary festival 'up north' where I met some lovely authors.  Their readings were really inspirational and I found their passion for writing totally addictive.  The long journey home gave me plenty of time to mull over the idea I had been toying with for writing my own erotic romance, and I finally put pen to paper and wrote my very first erotic story!

My first book, 'Last of the Sirens' is due to be published by Siren Publishing on 20 November 2013.  It's an erotic romance which follows the adventures of a girl who reluctantly trains to be a Siren on an ancient island, but falls in love with a sailor who she is supposed to seduce and murder.  

I really hope you'll give it a try if it's your kind of thing, and would love to know what you think.


  1. Lovely post, sweetie, and wishing you lots of success with your book.