Monday, 19 May 2014

Hi there

Welcome to a new week on Bella's blog.  I hope you've all had a great weekend and are ready to take on whatever this week holds.

What's Happening?

I've got a very busy week ahead.  I've been called in for a mammogram on Wednesday, followed by another medical procedure at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (England) on Friday.  With final edits for Secrets of the Siren (Sirens and Sailors #5) due in first thing on Wednesday and a tight schedule for my latest wip it's all go!


What am I working on?

My current work in progress is a bit of a change from the Sirens and Sailors seriesThis is a book about a gay cowboy, who comes from a family of billionaires.  He tries to hide his sexuality from his father, but ends up in big trouble when someone tries to blackmail him.  It is part of a series of stand-alone novels.

What am I reading?

I have just finished reading a fantastic book by Kelsie Belle (who I featured recently in my 'Meet the Author' slot.  Here's a bit about the book:


Left broken and bleeding, night club owner and accountant Cassidy Samson did her best to pick up the pieces of her broken self and move on with her life. She vowed never to let anyone get close to her heart again…until the potent force of a pair of green eyes threatens to bring her to her knees.
            Hired as the new guitarist in the band at the Escape Lounge, Cameron Chase is intrigued and aroused by Cassidy’s tough-as-nails attitude and sets out to barrel through the formidable wall she has constructed around her heart, to get to the real woman behind the façade. He agrees to play by her rules in a reckless game of lust in hopes of finding love.
            But will Cam be able to chase away the demons of Cassidy’s past that threaten to consume her? Will his love be strong enough to make her whole again?


My Review

This is a brilliant book which I would recommend to anybody!  It is very unusual, with a strong heroine and keeps you guessing right up until the end.  The action scenes are fast-moving while the sex scenes are really HOT!  It is extremely well written and jogs along at a good pace.  I was totally unable to put it down and thoroughly enjoyed every wordBeautifully heartbreaking in parts - yes, I actually cried - it made me really root for the hero and heroine to make it through, and the twist in the end was perfect!  I know that Kelsie Belle has just released another book, and look forward to reading that, too.

What's Next?

Join me again on Wednesday for another in my 'Writing: The Alphabet' series.  We're still on 'A' for Adversity, and this week Tatum Throne will be explaining about the heartbreaking illness which affects her children and how she copes with it.

I hope you have a great week, and enjoy whatever you're reading and/or writing.


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