Monday, 23 June 2014

'Sacrifices of the Siren' is coming...

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Welcome to another week on Bella's Blog.  I've got a really busy week scheduled so here's what's going on.

What's Happening?

I'm really pleased to report that the sixth book in the Sirens and Sailors series has been accepted and scheduled for publication on 23rd July.  I love this cover, what do you think?
When I wrote this story my intention was to finish the series here, although I have left scope to continue it in the future if there is enough interest.
Book #6 is quite an emotional story, which focuses on Melantho, the Siren who was also the servant-girl for the evil Hermandine.  The story explains about her past and how she came to stop being a Siren and become Hermandine's servant, and also clarifies why Melantho seems so quiet and withdrawn.
Blandon, the young sailor who entered the series as a friend of Farris in Menage of the Siren, is Melantho's love-interest and hero.  He and Melantho got together in Secrets of the Siren and now their relationship has blossomed.
The story tells of what the elders are doing now that they have left Refrainia, and answers some questions which readers might have been wondering about.
It ends by starting a new era on the ancient island, with some surprising changes.
I really hope that readers of the series like the book, as I have tried to incorporate all of the main characters and update the reader on what they are doing now.

What am I Working On?

More of my cowboy romances.  I have now written two which are in the same series and am currently editing them ready for submission, and I've recently started a third which would be the start of a different series.  So far I've written a menage with M/M/F and a M/M story.  A reader, on hearing that I was writing cowboy romance books next, has asked me to write a M/F story, so that is what I'm working on now.

What am I Reading?

I've just finished a great book by Sarah Morgan.  It's entitled 'Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant'.  It's a Mills and Boon published story, and was actually free for kindle on Amazon.  It's a great read about a girl who finds herself in trouble and is saved by the billionaire whom she used to be friends with but came to hate when her brother died, as she blamed him for the death.  It's a real struggle for her to accept help from him but she ends up in a position where she really has no choice. 
The book is one of their Harlequin novels, so it is quite sexually explicit.

What's Next?

My guest on Wednesday is a great friend of mine, Jennifer Denys, who will be discussing Bondage as part of my Writng; The Alphabet series.  She has a new book out too, so I'll be finding out all about it.
On Friday my Meet the Author series continues with Andrew Jericho, so we'll be finding out all about him and his latest release.
Until then have a great week and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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