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'C' is for Covers with Amy J Hawthorne

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My guest today for my 'Writing; The Alphabet' spot is Amy J. Hawthorne, who is discussing 'C' for Covers.

Judging a book by its cover…
All readers do it to some extent, at least at that split second first impression and I’m including myself and other authors because at heart that’s what we all are, booklovers. I challenge you to find me a reader who can resist a well done cover and not pick it up. I’ve yet to meet a reader who can resist the pull of pretty or striking artwork. A good example will draw you in like a shiny lure does a hungry fish and we all know how hungry readers can be for the next good book.
No matter how many we’ve read or have waiting at home on the TBR shelf, we are always open to a new reading experience. Books are our drug of choice. And that’s why the cover plays such an important role for both the reader and the author.
For the reader the cover may be the introduction to a new author and the world they’ve created. It’s a one second impression. Contemporary? How about a billionaire in a sleek suit? Suspense? Navy Seals? Look for danger, guns and muscle. Sports related? Bring on the grit and muscles. Historical? Bring on the kilts or long, flowing gowns. Western? Who can resist a cowboy in snug jeans complete with cowboy hat? Paranormal? There’s an endless potential for those creatures that go bump in the night. Erotic? The cover can go bold and daring or sedate, hinting at secrets hidden within.  
As an author, that introduction reminds me of a first date. We all want to dress nice for that first meeting or interview. And the relationship an author hopes to build with his or her readers is no less important. We want to make a good impression from the very first moment in the hopes that it will become a long-lasting and important friendship.
The book world has grown thanks to ebooks and self-publishing and now more than ever, for a book to be successful its cover needs to shine. Authors are competing for a piece of the reader’s budget and a great cover is the first step in gaining a reader’s attention. Next it’s up to the author to give the reader a story he or she will never forget.

Is there a cover that’s made either a good or bad impression on you? Or led you to a new author who became a favorite? 

Amy J. Hawthorne's Latest Release:

Sunlight's Kiss Blurb 

When a man of ice meets a lady of Light…
Like a common criminal, the good girl librarian is thrust into the harsh realm of Limbo with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Alone with no knowledge of why she’s been banished, Calysta has nowhere to go and no one to turn to. She wants nothing more than answers and peace until a gruff, sexy as sin, male gives her a taste of the real world.
Cyril, loner and demon hunter, is sent to track and detain an unknown misfit. Filled with suspicion, the last thing he expects to find is an amber-eyed beauty tattered and unconscious. There’s no denying when he discovers her true nature that she sparks a desire like he’s never known. And how much trouble could one sweet, sexy librarian cause?
When danger haunts Calysta, Cyril will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But what’ll happen when his only ally is a sworn enemy? 


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Thanks so much for being my guest today, Amy - and I love your cover!  ;)

Join me again  on Friday when my guest for 'Meet the Author' will be Jennifer August.  Until then have a great week and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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