Monday, 7 July 2014


Hi there

Welcome to another week in my world.  

What's Happening?

Well of all the problems for a writer to encounter in this day and age I guess the worst is probably computer problems!  Not only is my computer poorly but it seems we have problems with every computer, laptop and tablet in the house!  We had BT out to deal with our problems with the internet - we live in the middle of nowhere so get very poor connection at the best of times.  Having got us back online I later discovered that my laptop can no longer pick up the signal at all now!  The desk computer which I use for all my novel writing is also playing up so we got someone in to sort that out.  While sorting that one out I switched to another desk top.  Now I have some work on each computer and my memory stick is full so I can't swap info from one computer to the other.  Hubby's tablet doesn't have any of my or stories on so I can't use that.  Now I'm using my daughter's laptop for this blog entry (hence it being a few hours later than usual) and have started yet another series of books because I can't access my WIP.

On a brighter note, I have just heard that my first MMF cowboy romance novel, 'Ménage on Moone Mountain', has been accepted for publication by Etopia Press.  I'm so pleased as it's a bit nerve wracking when you start writing in a different category and for a different publisher!

What am I Working On?

Several things at once.  With different work saved on different hard drives I'm part way through pre-submission edits for a MM cowboy romance which is the second in the series of the one just accepted by Etopia Press, and I'm about half-way through writing a MFM cowboy ménage romance which is the first of another series.  Not being able to access either of these yesterday I began work on a series I've been planning for months which involves staff working in a BDSM club.  (Never a dull moment, lol),

What's Next?

Amy J. Hawthorne is my guest on Wednesday for my regular series, 'Writing; The Alphabet', where she will be discussing book covers.  Then on Friday my guest for 'Meet the Author' is Jennifer August.  I look forward to welcoming both my guests - and just hope the computers are up and running by then!

Have yourself a great week until then and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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