Monday, 8 September 2014

Crime does Pay...

Hi there

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

What's Happening? 

After the excitement of launching 'Menage on Moone Mountain' on Friday - which turned out not to be until  about 9.30pm because of the time difference with my publisher in the States - I took some time out on Saturday to attend a writing workshop presented by crime-writer Carys Jones,  

This was something quite different for me, and lots of fun.  Not only did I learn about crime-writing (a genre I have never written before, although I have included various aspects of it in my novels), but I also met some really lovely people - it never ceases to amaze me what a friendly bunch writers always seem to be!

Carys herself is a lovely lady, ready to impart her knowledge and tips, and it was lovely to share ideas with her.  Although she has only has a couple of books published so far, with many more on the way no doubt, she is already a best-selling author! She gave us all some very intriguing exercises to do and really got our minds working.  It was interesting to see how her mind worked too - she invariably interpreted our ideas as the blackest scenarios possible, although we hadn't always intended them that way!

The group got along so well that we discussed setting up our own writer's group, so if you're in the Shropshire area of England and you'd like to join in do leave me a comment.

What am I Working On?

I'm currently writing more of my 'Men of Moone Mountain' series to accompany 'Menage on Moone Mountain'.  Theses are stand-alone novels set on and around Moone Mountain, a fictitious area of the equally fictitious Moone County, Colorado. The second book in the series is currently being considered by my publisher, Etopia Press, while I am currently completing pre-submission edits for the third book, and have made a start on the fourth. Mary Yakovets very kindly pointed me in the right direction when I was researching information for this series. As a Brit living in the Shropshire countryside, I was eager to get my facts right about ranching in America, and Mary was a massive help in suggesting where I might find out what I needed to know

'Dallas at Midnight' (Siren Publishing) is still on schedule for release on 30th September.  This is another Cowboy Erotic Romance, this time a M/F story for lovers of the more traditional romances. Unlike my 'Sirens and Sailors' series (also published with Siren Publishing) this is a contemporary series, set in a fictional area of Montana.  I have Reece Butler - a brilliant author -  to thank for her invaluable help when I was researching areas and ranching procedures for this series.  Reece has actually worked on a ranch in Montana and kindly allowed me to pick her brains for details.

I was so inspired by all the information which I gathered that I have promised myself a visit to the States so I can see it all for myself!

I am also working on a Christmas story at the moment which I am hoping to submit within the next couple of weeks in order to get it published in time for the festive season.  This will be a stand-alone Cowboy Romance.

What's Next?

My series on 'Writing; The Alphabet' continues on Wednesday.  The subject is Erotic Romance/Erotica and this week my guest is the wonderful Jasmine Alexander. Jasmine is one of my favourite authors - check out her 'James Brothers' series if you haven't already! - and a really lovely lady.

Until then I hope you have a great week and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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