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Erotic Romance with Jasmine Alexander

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Today my guest is a brilliant author, Jasmine Alexander.  As part of my 'Writing; The Alphabet' series, Jasmine has kindly written a piece on 'Erotic Romance'.

'Erotic Romance' by Jasmine Alexander

             I started reading romance novels in my early twenties. Before that, I read things such as, true crime, mysteries and classic literature. While I still enjoy all of those genres of books, romance, particularly, erotic romance is my passion. After diving into mainstream romance I discovered erotic romance and there was no turning back after that. A few years of reading erotic romance and I decided to try writing it. I had always enjoyed writing stories before and put myself to work. The most difficult thing about writing erotic romance stories for me was the explicit sex scenes.
            After years of reading explicit sex scenes it wasn’t embarrassment or non experience that made writing these scenes difficult. It was putting what was floating around in my head on to the page. While, I confess to still having that difficulty sometimes, even after many erotic romance books it is something that has come more naturally now.
            What I always enjoy the most about an erotic romance is the love story. However, I find that passionate sex contributes greatly to a fantastic love story. Not only the story but the believability that a couple can make it. The passion between two people can be described in so many ways that there are many erotic romance authors today.
            When I write a story the characters are the first thing that come to my mind. The setting that they begin in is always what comes next. After that I may know where they are going to end up but not their journey. Other times I know parts of the journey but not the complete ending. As a rule there is always room for amazing, passionate sex in there of course. There are many times when the characters and the story itself seem to take on a life of their own and go in the direction that they want. I have had stories turn out nothing like what I had originally imagined. However, in the end it turned out to be the way a story was supposed to go.
            Writing an erotic romance means being able to have the reader feel exactly like the people in the story. I get this from any good romance book I read and the feeling is amazing. When I sit down to write the story just comes out of me.

            Any little thing can be the beginning of a story idea to me. It could be a song or part of a movie, or just a person that strikes up my imagination on a daily basis. Then my imagination begins the creative process of making it into my own little story in my own little world. The sex scenes can be imagined easily sometimes and a little difficult to put on paper but I never stop trying to improve on them. Overall, erotic romance changed my life and brought the writer out in me that had been buried for a very long time. I love when a new idea comes to life and I get to create my own world where people love each other forever and have amazing sex as often as possible.  

(I totally agree, Jasmine.  It's lovely to imagine a world where everything turns out perfectly and then share the sentiment with your readers.) Bella ;)

Jasmine's Latest Release

Story Excerpt
Indi thought over her fight with Nico and couldn’t think of anything she had done wrong. He had pulled away from her and was spending every moment he wasn’t working from the clan house out with another female. She hadn’t done anything wrong.Then why haven’t we claimed him? Her peacock pissed her off with the inner dialogue. Mostly because her peacock was right, she hadn’t claimed him, and it was her own fault if he moved on with someone else.
When Indi had realized that she had found her mate she had been terrified. No one except Eira had ever mattered to her and the feelings that she got from her attraction to Nico were overwhelming. Nico had been infinitely patient and kind. They had talked about many things and Indi knew how badly her mate wanted a family. Nico had been abandoned by his father after his mother had died trying to birth his little sister. He loved the clan and Caleb and Owen were like brothers to him but she knew that he wanted his own part of the clan that belonged to him. She didn’t mind. Nico seemed possessive but in a caring and wonderful way, not a violent way. Indi always felt safe when Nico was near her. He would always protect her and their children, if it wasn’t too late.
Indi ate breakfast and made a plan to make Nico see that the only thing she ever wanted or needed was him. Lost in thought she barely noticed the man that took the stool next to her. He caught her attention when he took a big inhalation of the aromas in the diner.
“Nice. Joe made his awesome cinnamon rolls.” Owen was all about eating anything and everything. It made Indi smile.
“Hey, Owen. What are you doing this morning?” Indi asked.
“Wondering why all of you can’t stop fighting the mating urges and make this easier on everyone.” Owen was always blunt and to the point. Some people found it to be a bad trait. Not Indi. When people discovered the extent of her power they were always careful around her and worried if they would offend her and she would go off like a bad version of Carrie or something. She appreciated his honesty.
“You heard the fight?”
“Yep. You two are just making each other crazy. Just take what you want, Indi. Everyone knows that he only wants you.” Indi knew that if Nico was doing something with another female Owen wouldn’t cover for him. The mate bond was something sacred to most shifters but she thought that Owen took it even further because of the amazing bonding his parents had.
“I’m…” Before Indi could finish she caught the scent of female wolf. The female wolf her mate had been spending all of his time with. She growled and the noise had Owen looking at her in question. Indi didn’t say anything, just turned her head as the wolf sat down on the other side of Owen.
“Hey, Owen, how’s it going?” When the wolf turned and looked at her disgust crossed her features. The female took in Indi’s scent and glared at her.
“You,” the wolf said in spiteful voice.
“And you. What the hell is your problem?” Indi demanded and she could feel the anger building inside her at being confronted with the woman her mate now spent time with instead of her. It was clear to Indi what Nico saw in her. She was a strong woman, about five foot six to Indi’s five foot nine. She was curvier than Indi with a more womanly shape. Indi knew that she was more slender and delicate looking with less-obvious muscle, just like her animal. The female had long black hair and dark eyes to match her deep tan complexion.
“My problem is you! Throwing away your mate is inexcusable.” The woman was obviously furious but Indi was more concerned about not killing the woman her mate came home smelling like every morning.
“Whoa, Mag. That isn’t any of your business,” Owen chimed in.
“You know her?” Indi demanded.
“Of course he knows me. I grew up with Owen and Nico. You have no right to treat Nico the way you are.”
“Don’t talk to me about my mate! This is none of your concern and you are going to stay away from him!” Indi stood up just as Mag did and Owen stepped between them.
“Look, ladies this is no place to talk about this.” Owen tried defusing the situation with no luck. Indi pushed Owen’s hand out of her way and got in Mag’s face.
“Stay away from Nico. This is the only warning you will ever get. I would hate to have to kill you when Nico thinks so highly of you.” Indigo’s voice was soft as cotton but threaded with steel. After making her point Indi turned and walked out of the diner.
She was going to find her mate and he was going to be sorry he ever tried to keep the female wolf from her.
Adult Excerpt
Nico was taken aback by the look of fury on Indi’s face. He had never seen her so mad and he immediately stood up to meet her as she headed right for him at a swift pace. He wanted to know exactly who had been the person to make his mate so angry so that he could tear them apart. Before he could even ask who he needed to kill she launched herself at him.
Nico stayed on his feet despite the fact that Indi had clearly intended to take him straight to the ground. He held tight when she would have pushed him back.
“What’s wrong?” He growled at her attempt to push him.
You! You are what is wrong! You stupid jackass! I can’t believe I trusted you and loved you! All I ever wanted was to be the mate you wanted and you turn around and go back to some bitch you’ve known your whole life!” As Indigo screamed at him she pummelled his chest with her fists, not really causing damage.
“Stop!” he snarled at her and pulled her head up to look into his eyes. Whatever he saw in her eyes made him look at her with regret. “You met Mag.” It wasn’t a question and Indi didn’t need to respond but the hurt welling up inside her at the other woman’s comments had her lashing out.
“You mean I finally discovered who you are spending all of your nights with instead of me. Yeah, I met her. She’s a bitch and she stuck her face in our business. Or did I stick my face in hers and your business?” Nico still had his arms around her but at her comment he let go. Indi stepped back missing the heat of his body but preparing for the worst possible blow to her soul.
“You accuse me of being unfaithful when you can scent any sex on me. Tell me, Indi, have you ever scented anything besides Mag on me? Do you scent our two scents becoming one?” Nico demanded harshly, waiting for an answer.
“My ability to scent is not as strong as most shifters and you know it! I can scent the two of you together. You have been together often enough that you smell very much like each other even when you aren’t together.” Indi said the last quietly but kept steady eye contact with him.
“Bullshit.” Nico was very quiet in his statement but Indi felt it all the way to her bones. “I have done nothing with Mag or any other shifter since the moment I found you. You are the only one I want.”
“Prove it.” At her challenge Nico turned his head and looked at her curiously.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me. Prove it. If I’m the only one then do what you should have already done. Take me.” Indigo had reached his body when she said the last words and she stared into his eyes. He met her stare and didn’t turn away.
This was a turning point for her. If he walked away then she would too. There was no way she could take him pushing her aside again. The tension between them grew until Indi thought she could reach out and touch it. When she thought he was about to turn from her he surprised the hell out of her and grabbed her, pulling her to his body.
He wasn’t gentle and he didn’t ask and Indi wouldn’t have had it any other way. He slammed his mouth down on hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth causing them both to moan at the contact they wanted and needed so much. Indi kissed him back with everything in her. She sucked on his tongue, causing him to growl his approval.
As suddenly as it had started Nico pushed her away from him but kept her in his embrace.
“Don’t stop,” Indi pleaded breathlessly without opening her eyes.
“I’m not,” was all Nico said before he pitched her over his shoulder and turned to walk into the woods. Indi was so surprised she squealed.
“Nico…” Indi began to protest and she felt a slap to her ass that caused her to jump.
“Quiet. No talking, mate.” Indi could tell that his wolf was close to the surface and his behavior was exciting her so she did as he commanded.
Nico stopped and set her down. They had stopped next to his king cab black truck and he kissed her soundly before pulling away again.
“Stay,” he commanded once again and went around to the driver side back door. He pulled a few things out and came back toward her. He pulled the tailgate down and threw a bunch of blankets into the back of the truck. He turned to her and picked her up, setting her on the tailgate. He climbed into the bed of the truck and spread the blankets out. When he was done he turned back to Indigo.
“Strip.” At his demand Indi could feel her pussy cream. She licked her lips nervously and saw Nico track the movement. She stood up and took off her shoes and socks. She straightened and saw him watching every move she made with a hungry gaze on his face. She pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on top of her shoes.

Looks great! Thank you so much, Jasmine for being my guest today, it's been lovely having you here.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have fun with whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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