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More about Maggie's Man...


As promised here are a couple of excerpts from my new novel, Maggie's Man...

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Maggie’s Man – Story Excerpt

They both looked up as the door opened and the local deputy, Dyson Shearer sauntered in.
“Wondered if I might find you here,” he said, nodding at Ben.
“Is everything OK?” The cowboy frowned as Dyson slid onto the stool next to him while Maggie poured another cup of coffee.
Dyson looked around and seemed glad, though not surprised, to see there were no customers about. “I had a tip-off that there was some kind of row between Rossington and Taylor last night,” Dyson told them gravely. “Sounded quite full-on from what the neighbors were saying.”
“What neighbors? Was Robert back in Pelican’s Heath last night?” Maggie felt her heart hammering at the thought that he might have been close by while she was on her own last night.”
“Tell me he wasn’t with Lorraine?” Ben’s face tightened as he fumed.
Dyson shook his head. “It happened over in Almondine.”
They both visibly relaxed a little.
“I thought Robert was meeting up with Taylor the night before?” Maggie frowned.
Dyson pursed his lip. “I guess they could have. They were definitely together last night, though. Witnesses saw them having a good ‘ole fist-fight on some wasteland behind the bank. Taylor hadn’t reported it though.”
“So he’s not claiming it was in the line of duty?” Ben scowled.
Dyson shrugged. “Wasn’t sure if either of you might know anything, that’s all.” He took another sip of his coffee.
“I know he’s planning on weddin’ Lorraine Parry this Saturday,” Ben replied, his lips tight with anger.
Dyson didn’t look surprised as he nodded. “Seems he’s been hoping to get her money out of her without actually marrying the girl, but that ain’t gonna happen. It still doesn’t explain why he’s in such a tearing hurry.”
“I don’t like it, Dyson. That fuckwad’s up to something, I just know it.”
“Something’s sure lit a fire under his ass,” Dyson agreed.
“Do you think maybe he knows Lorraine’s not so keen?” Maggie mused.
“Then surely rushing her into a last-minute arrangement is more likely to have her turn tail and run?” Ben sounded annoyed and it wasn’t hard to see why.
“So he’s taking one hell of a chance on it.” Maggie nodded. “He must be dang desperate to risk losing her all together.”
“Well if it’s just her money he’s after he must be in a real hurry to make some quick cash.” Dyson was already getting up, putting his hat back on. “I’ll do a bit more snooping. See if I can find out just what the heck he’s up to.”
“I’d be obliged if you could keep us in the loop, deputy,” Ben told him with a nod. “If there’s any way I can stop Lorraine from walking up that aisle I intend to do it, you know?”
Dyson nodded. “I know.”
Maggie and Ben stared at each other for a few moments after the deputy left.
“I’m gonna get back over to the ranch, see if I can keep an eye on Rossington,” Ben announced. “I feel happier knowing exactly where he is at all times.”
Maggie nodded as they both stood up. She felt better knowing someone had an eye on her ex, too. There was just no telling what the bastard would do next, left to his own devices.

The rest of the day dragged by for Maggie. Her mind whirled as she tried to imagine what Robert might be planning – and what hold he might have on Lorraine which would make her marry him, even though she clearly didn’t want to. It was very gracious of her to want to expose him for the fraud and cheat that he was, but surely it wasn’t worth marrying the scumbag over?
Her heart leaped a little when Aiden called her a while later. She hadn’t realized just how much she missed him, but since the other night she couldn’t get him out of her mind.
“Maggie are you OK?”
“Yeah, of course.” She slid into the kitchen to take the call.
“Ben was worried he’d upset you earlier. He can be a real dumbass at times.”
She could hear the concern in his voice. “No, I’m fine. Where are you?”
“I’m at the sheriff’s office. What time do you finish work?”
She glanced up at the clock. It had only been a couple of hours since Dyson had left them; had he unearthed something already? “About an hour’s time.”
She heard him muttering something at the other end of the phone and her stomach churned. “Aiden, is everything all right?”
“Try not to worry, darlin’ I’ll pick you up in a while.” His voice didn’t sound happy and she noticed her hand tremble as she clicked off the cell.
Luckily there weren’t many customers today and she felt like she was working on auto-pilot as she wiped down tables and forced herself to smile as she served coffee.
Aiden was true to his word and she was relieved to see his massive truck pull up in the parking lot as she locked up. He took her in his arms and hugged her tight. She could feel the desperation in his body and hoped they were going to spend the night together. The tight furrows on his brow told her it wasn’t the case though; something was very wrong.
“We have to get back to your place,” he told her, planting a quick kiss on the top of her head. “Deputy’s waiting for us with a search warrant.”

Maggie’s Man – Adult Excerpt

“You’ve got this all worked out, haven’t you?” Maggie smirked, enjoying the fire in his eyes as he told her his news.
“Oh yeah,” he murmured, wrapping both arms around her before taking her lips in a lingering kiss which she felt right down to her private regions.
The inferno inside her was instantly stoked by her passion and she flushed.
“You getting warmer, darlin’?” He must have noticed her face.
“Yup.” She nodded.
He peeled off her cardigan before slowly unbuttoning her blouse. His hands felt warm against her skin which tingled beneath his touch. His soft lips continued their careful assault on hers and she gasped as she ran her hands through his silken hair.
“Think I’m getting a little warm in here, too,” he hinted and she giggled before carefully unfastening his shirt.
She kicked off her boots as he pulled at the zipper of her jeans, and relished the slightly cooler air on her overheated body as she stood before him in just her bra and panties.
He quirked an eyebrow at her questioningly after heeling off his own boots and her hands trembled as she reached for his tented Levi’s. Sliding a hand behind the zipper to ease it open, she felt the warm velvet of his naked cock which dripped enticingly over her fingers. She blushed at the realization that he had gone commando today and smiled at the thought. Despite the softness of his skin, his member was rock-hard, hindering her efforts to pull the zipper over it.
Aiden chuckled from deep within his throat, clearly recognizing her plight, and slowly rocked back on his heels, clenching his muscles to allow her a little room to maneuver. Maggie grinned as she managed, at last, to free his huge cock. This was certainly a problem she had never had with anyone before – and definitely not with Robert Rossington!
She knelt in front of the handsome cowboy as she peeled his Levi’s from his damp flesh, yanking them over his feet with aplomb. Looking up at him she suddenly felt a little shy. He was so gorgeous and his body was completely naked as he stood before her. She breathed him in; a heady mixture of sweat and sex and raw sensuality, the like of which she had never encountered in her life.
Licking her lips she was delighted to notice that her mouth was directly in line with his inviting member, which twitched in front of her face, beckoning her to take a taste. Her eyes momentarily flitted to where it pointed – Aiden’s handsome face which was shining down at her encouragingly.
Leaning forward very slightly she held his hips in her quivering hands and wrapped her wet lips over his helmet, marveling at how perfectly it filled her mouth. She heard a moan emanate from him, and echoed it with one of her own, feeling the vibration of her lips against his sumptuous skin. Aiden must have felt the reverberation too as he immediately ran his hands roughly through her hair with a gasp.
Empowered by his reaction she hummed one more time before pulling her mouth from the end of his cock. He jerked as though in disappointment and she quickly licked the salty length of his shaft. He seemed satisfied and continued to run his long fingers through her waves, a little more gently, as she laved his boiling member, sucking at the delicious juices which escaped its dripping slit.
“Christ, Maggie,” he whispered as her tongue rasped at his flesh, and she took his balls, one at a time, into her hot mouth.
She felt his whole body stiffen and quickly cupped her lips around the top of his cock, kneeling higher so she could feed it right down her throat.
“I’m gonna come!” Aiden flinched and loosened his grip on her scalp even more, enabling her to pull her face out of the way if she wanted to. She didn’t.
He roared his release as his boiling seed gushed down the back of her throat, thick and creamy, soothing her from the inside out, coating her innards in his nectar, his passion. Maggie had never felt so connected to anyone and she relished the feeling of being so close to Aiden. She wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time as she sensed every nuance of his reactions to her. A gush from her pussy reminded her that their actions also had ramifications on her own body, and she clenched her thighs together tightly as she felt a hot trickle run down her leg.
Eventually she felt his stiff organ become flaccid on her tongue as it shrank back a little, and she slurped the last of his juices, taking his member in her hands as she licked off the last few drops.
“That was incredible,” he whispered, his eyes still closed as he ran his finger down her cheek.
She turned her head to kiss his hand and he helped her to her feet as he slowly opened his eyes and smiled down at her. His lips crashed down over hers and he held her tight, his hot, sweaty body pressed up close to hers. His cock felt impenetrable against the softness of her pussy and she was sure he could tell just how wet her panties had become.
With one hand he unfastened the back of her bra and she gasped into his mouth at the relief as her flesh flopped free of its confines. Aiden tugged at the fabric, only allowing a tiny gap of air between them as he whipped away the offending item, before her soft skin was pressed hard up against his ripped chest.
“I want you,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.
She nodded, unable to speak. It was enough.
With one arm he swept Dyson’s notepad and pen from the desk and leaned her back over the polished wood.
Maggie balked as she leaned right back and was relieved, although a little embarrassed when she felt his fingers yank the panties from her clammy skin. As she spread her legs she could feel the slightly cooler air as it wafted over her sticky flesh and she gasped as she felt the velvet of his head as Aiden lined his member up to her welcoming hole.
“Hang on.”
She felt bereft as he quickly moved away from her and she frowned up as she watched him take a step toward his Levi’s. Thank goodness he had remembered! He was already opening the foil packet with his teeth when he returned to his position, and swiftly rolled the thin rubber over his cock before throwing her a salacious wink.
Maggie smiled at him, her chest panting hard with anticipation. She nodded to his questioning look, indicating that she was ready and he groaned as he slid his humungous member into her dripping channel. She forced herself not to tense up as she felt herself being stretched beyond belief. The pain morphed into exquisite pleasure as Aiden allowed her time to adjust to his size before slipping into a natural rhythm as he pumped harder and harder into her. She was sure she could feel him right up to her womb and she clung to his biceps, riveted firmly in position, not that she would want to move even if she could – ever.
His gorgeous face shone down at her, studying her every expression, and she occasionally lifted a hand from one of his arms to stroke his face or his hair. Keeping his weight off her body he pounded harder and deeper into her until she screamed her delight as a million stars exploded in front of her eyes. He let out a deafening roar and she felt his seed burning her womb from the confines of the rubber sack. In that moment she wouldn’t have minded if he had forgotten about the condom all together; there was nothing she would like more than to have his baby. The thought invaded her mind and she realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Aiden Fielding.
“I love you,” she screeched over the sound of his groan.
He was silenced in an instant as he stared down at her. “Oh my God! I love you too!” Aiden breathed the words as though his life depended on it and his expression was a mixture of wonder and relief. “I really love you, Maggie.” He whispered the words slowly and purposefully, as though willing her to understand, to believe what he was telling her.


I hope you enjoyed it - let me know what you think! Tomorrow I'll be talking about how -  and why  - a Brit like me writes Cowboy Romance. See you then...

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