Midnight In Montana


Midnight in Montana     

               Can be read as standalone novels if preferred.

Dallas at Midnight


 While on the run from slime ball millionaire, Ed Powell, Dallas Somerville finds herself sleeping rough in the barn of near-bankrupt rancher, Shane Patrick. She soon finds herself falling in love with the handsome cowboy and makes friends with his family, who come to stay. She also loves the people and way of life in Midnight, Montana and doesn't want to leave. 

When Shane's sister-in-law hears Dallas sing, she suggests a way of fulfilling the young girl's dream and helping save the ranch at the same time. 

Just as Dallas's future seems hopeful, her past catches up with her, and she is kidnapped by Powell's men. 

While fighting for her life in the evil clutches of the money-laundering crooks, Dallas is empowered by her love for the gorgeous cowboy, and the chance of another life...the one which she already feels growing inside her

Meet Me at Midnight

Becky Francis endures a thankless waitressing job, an ex-boyfriend constantly harassing her, and a rent-hike set to render her homeless. 

She's intrigued to find a message, 'Meet Me at Midnight', scribbled on a napkin by a customer at her workplace. Seeing a chance for some distraction and adventure, she pursues Jay Turner, the handsome cowboy who left it. 

The note is not quite as it seems, and she soon finds herself in the town of Midnight, Montana, falling for its sheriff, John Brooker. 

But John is a dominant man, and his high-handed attitude shocks and enthralls her. 

When John discovers Becky's just escaped a life of being bullied, he questions whether he is actually the right man for her. 

Lost and confused, Becky overhears a lovers' tiff which suggests all is not as it seems in the sleepy hamlet of Moonlight Hollow, and she is soon placed in peril when she unwittingly unearths a plot of blackmail and theft

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