Sirens & Sailors

Welcome to Refrainia...

Planet Earth has evolved into two great continents, Eastland and Westland. Relations are good between them and trade is rife, although crossing the treacherous waters between them takes a lot of time and courage.

With the passage of time, people have elected to live on the bounteous mainlands, leaving the few remaining islands totally uninhabited - except one.

Time and progress have left Refrainia behind - or so the beautiful young Sirens who live there have been led to believe. Their job is to use their feminine wiles to lure passing sailors to divert their ships to the island. Their stunning looks and haunting voices are no match for mortal men, who willingly steer their cargo-laden vessels toward the small island - and toward their doom.

The system has served the islanders well for many years, providing them with food, clothing and money which the ruling elders are happy to spend on their rare trips to the mainland. But no one on Refrainia is actually as they appear, from the little old ladies to the beautiful young girls.

Moreover, their idyllic lifestyle is about to take a dramatic turn as they slowly realize that love changes everything...

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