Sarah-Jane Rayment lives for Saturday nights. They give her the chance to let go of her inhibitions and feel completely free in the safety of Naughty Nights, the BDSM club she frequents on the other side of town. She regularly meets up with gorgeous Dom, Colt Houston, whom she is slowly falling in love with – although she can’t admit that even to herself.

Colt loves seeing Sarah-Jane each week at the club, but wants to see – and know – much more of the flame-haired beauty. After eight months of meeting up with her and playing in the dungeon of Naughty Nights, he still knows very little about her – except what she enjoys sexually. When he finally asks her for a date he is shocked at her response, afraid that he has misread all the signs and that he has totally messed up.

Unfortunately, Sarah-Jane has good reason to keep her secrets, but her attempts to keep her heart safe threaten to break it – and Colt’s – altogether.

When Colt finally catches up with her he finds that she is not the person he thought she was. The fact that she is also in the arms of another man makes him fear that he has finally lost his touch – not realizing that he should be fearing for Sarah-Jane’s life...

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