Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy Bank Holiday!

Hi there

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a Happy Bank Holiday for all you lucky people who have an extra day off work today! Let's hope for some good weather.

What's Happening?

I've got a very busy week this week.  Unfortunately I didn't get to my photo shoot last week due to my health - more about that on Wednesday (yes, Wednesday!!) - but with the Bank Holiday today and all the family being at home I envisage not getting much writing done today so the next four days will be chocablock with it.  I'm going to re-vamp my office/craft room though, so will be making a good start on that today!

What am I Working On?

The last book in my Sirens and Sailors series, which is about 3/4 way through now.  It's going to be sad saying goodbye to my characters, but I've got a whole new series of stand-alone books planned next!

What am I Reading?

Tempest's Paradise by Amanda Kay


Tempest Westfield is a soldier in the U.S. Army. She is strong, independent, and trained to kill. Devin Maddox is a third generation CEO of a company that holds government contracts. The first time the two of them meet they do nothing but fight and bicker. Devin wants to keep Tempest safe, but Tempest is a soldier who is trained to put herself in danger for her country.
They are able to meet in the middle but their happiness doesn't last long as someone rips them apart and tries to keep them apart. Devin finally finds Tempest but she is harboring a secret and the one who wanted them separated is still at large.
Will Devin and Tempest be able to find and keep their happily ever after, or will the unseen enemy win?

Bella's Review

Totally loved this book!  The hero and heroine are such wonderful characters.  Hated Devin at first but ended up loving him, just like Tempest did.  Tempest was a fantastic character – I wanted to meet her.  She was a really feisty girl with a tough spirit.  Ms Kay’s knowledge of the American Army and its procedures are evident throughout this book, which gives it a totally authentic feel.  This lady obviously writes what she knows and it certainly does her credit!  Brilliant book – I would highly recommend it and look forward to more stories from this fantastic author.

What's Coming Up?

This week sees the first of my new series of posts which will be on a Wednesday, entitled Writing; The Alphabet.  We're starting this week with 'A' for Adversity.  Each Wednesday of May there will be an article discussing writing while coping with or overcoming some sort of adversity.  Join me on Wednesday 7 May when I will be talking about writing while coping with breast cancer.

On Friday my 'Meet the Author' spot will feature Suzy Shearer.  Find out more at the end of the week!

Until then, have a great week and enjoy whatever you're reading and/or writing this week.

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