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Meet Jennifer August

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My guest today for 'Meet the Author' is Jennifer August.

Jennifer August has been reading and writing romance since she was twelve years old and her mother bribed her into picking up Kathleen Woodiwiss’ Flame & the Flower.
These days, she likes a bit of mystery, suspense, humor, and naughtiness in her books – both the ones she reads and the ones she writes.

She lives in the wild suburbs of Texas with her husband, two kids and a menagerie of cats, dogs, and fish.

Getting to know you;

  • What is your favourite food? 
  • Mexican!
  • Sum yourself up in three words. 
  • Spontaneous. Silly. Sassy.
  • What is your favourite colour? 
  • Pink.
  • Do you have any hobbies (excluding writing)? 
  • Scrapbooking & Photography
  • What sort of music do you prefer? 
  • Classic Country & Western.
Your Writing;

  • For how long have you been a published writer? 
  • 6 years
  • What are you working on at the moment? 
  • Three different series! The Cowboys of Hellfire Ranch for Siren, Sexual Magic for Siren, and a modern day vampire series with a rocking cool origin story that will be self-published.
  • Sum up your writing in three words. 
  • Sensual. Saucy. Mysterious.
  • What inspired you to start writing? 
  • I was always scribbling stories in notebooks and one year when I was 25 my brother bought me an entry to an all day workshop given by a local writer’s group. That ticket just happened to come with a year-long membership to the group and I never looked back.
  • How do you cope with distractions when writing? 
  • Music, headphones, and a shut door. I have trained my family to pay attention to the closed door. Most of the time they obey the three B’s rule:  If you’re not bleeding, broken, or burning, don’t knock!
  • If you didn’t write erotic fiction, what other genre do you think you would write? 
  • Cozy Mysteries!

Jennifer August's Latest Release:

Most recent release:
Her Heart-Stealing Cowboys
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“We landed, Miss Lyons. You can open your eyes now.”
Rebecca cracked one eye open and braved a look out the small, round window of the four-seater prop plane. They were indeed on the ground. She mustered a smile and gave up the death grip she had on the armrest.
“Thank you, Mr. McConnell. That was a very smooth flight.” She’d spoken the truth. The flight itself had been swift and uneventful. They’d not run into any turbulence at all. She disliked flying as a routine and had never been in a tiny prop job. The experience was not one she wished to repeat.
Never again.
The tall, lanky pilot grinned as he shook his head and opened the hatch. “Thanks for not puking. And I told you to call me Liam.”
Rebecca scooted out of her seat and toward the open door. “Thank you, Liam,” she said as he handed her down the tiny flight of stairs.
“Stay right there while I make sure all the systems are shut down. Then I’ll get your luggage.”
She nodded and shaded her eyes. The bright end-of-May sun burned down on the white concrete and bounced onto her face. The warmth felt good at the moment but she could tell it would become oppressive the longer she stood out here.
Sure enough, within minutes sweat trickled between her breasts and down her lower back. Rebecca tugged at the hem of her turquoise T-shirt and fluffed it. She sighed at the relief of the slight breeze circling over her skin. Her jeans threatened to suction to her thighs as the heat and humidity sank in.
“I’ll have to make another trip,” Liam said. He held up three of her four suitcases and pointed toward a small white building. “Let’s get into control and I’ll come back for it.”
The burn of embarrassment swept over her. “Nonsense. I can take it.”
He shrugged and handed her the smallest bag then grabbed the handle of the large and wheeled case. “This way, ma’am.”
He led her across the tarmac to the control building. Just as she reached for the knob, the door swung open.
“Thank you,” she said. She smiled up at the man who filled the doorway and froze. He stood a good six inches over her own five-ten and sported shoulders wider than the bumper on her Prius. The Texas sun dappled his light-brown hair with golden highlights and caressed his sharp jawline with a lover’s hand. Rebecca was used to handsome and urbane men in her profession. Looking and dressing for success were part and parcel of being a Bostonian. This man looked rough, unrefined, and dangerous. He swept a glance over her with emerald eyes that didn’t miss a thing. Rebecca felt oddly exposed. Almost as if she stood naked in the hot sun.
Her heart kicked into high gear.
“You coming in?” he asked. “Don’t think we want to air condition the outside, do we?”
His easy smooth baritone held an undercurrent of mocking humor. Rebecca shook herself from the momentary stupor. “You’re in the way, cowboy.”
His brows shot up and he grinned.
This time a tingle ran over her entire body and ended tickling her toes with the intensity.
Liam cleared his throat. “Tag, move.”
Rebecca couldn’t contain her gasp. This is Taggart Cain? My client? I’m going to kill Boone.
The big man winked and reached out. He took her suitcase and stepped out of the way. “Come on in, Miss Lyons.”
She eased into the small building careful not to touch him. He didn’t give an inch. “Where’s Boone?” she asked through gritted teeth.
Tag’s face tightened momentarily then eased back into jovial nonchalance. “At my office.”
“Damn,” she said.
“Where you want these, Tag?” Liam asked. Sweat trickled down his face and soaked the white collar of his polo shirt.
“Why damn?” Tag reached out and collected her suitcases. He nodded at the pilot. “I got it from here, Liam. Thanks for picking her up in Austin.”
“Yep. My pleasure. She’s a real quiet flyer. Well, except for the squeaks and prayers and cursing.” He winked at her. “I think your mama might have needed to wash your mouth out a few more times, Miss Lyons.”
Rebecca mumbled her thanks and shook his hand. He pushed open the door and disappeared.
“Curse like a sailor, do you?” Tag asked. “I wouldn’t have pegged a rich society girl for a cuss monkey.” He started toward the other end of the building.
Rebecca hurried after him. “I didn’t know he heard me.” More embarrassment roiled through her. Her father spent years trying to break her habit of cursing and while she’d scaled back dramatically, certain stressful situations made her revert. “I’ll apologize.”
Tag pushed open another door and nodded at her. “No need for that, Miss Lyons. We believe in speaking our minds in Freedom. Even if those minds are a little dirty.” He winked again. “Especially if they’re dirty.”
She gripped her purse and suitcase with both hands. Otherwise she just might give in to the urge to smack him.
“Do you talk to all strangers like this or am I special?” She hurried to keep up with his long-legged strides. “And slow down!”
He immediately adjusted his pace but didn’t offer an apology.
“From what Boone tells me, you’re something pretty special.”

Thank you so much for being my guests today, Jennifer, it's been lovely meeting you.
Please join me again on Monday for another peep into Bella's World.  Until then have a wonderful weekend and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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