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I’m really pleased to announce the launch of my latest novel, Sacrifices of the Siren, which is the sixth 
and final book in the serial. This is especially exciting for me as Sirens and Sailors is my first completed 
series – not bad going considering the whole thing began as an intended short story!
If you have enjoyed the series I sincerely hope that you will continue to read my future works – I’ve got 
a couple of cowboy romances on the way, one MF and the other MMF. If you didn’t feel that sensual 
Sirens and sexy Sailors were your thing, I hope you will check out my other work anyway – hopefully you 
will find something which suits your taste.

Leave a comment below saying which was your favourite book of the series so far and win a digital version of any one of the six books! (Ends midnight Sunday 27th July BST)

Here’s the info on ‘Sacrifices of the Siren’.

 Just when Melantho is beginning to really enjoy life on the island with her beloved sailor, Blandon, she is visited by the evil elder Hermandine. The old lady manages to blackmail Melantho into leaving Refrainia to live a life of drudgery as her servant on the mainland. When Hermandine and Solon mistreat and abuse the poor girl to the extent that she has becomes ill, Blandon and Dr. Jay discover the secret she has been hiding for the past three years. As Melantho battles with her health and her miserable past, Blandon showers her with love and strength. Eventually it seems that she can face her future by resolving the past, but when Hermandine reveals an ancient law of Refrainia Melantho has to decide whether to sacrifice her past once again, or forgo her future on the island with Blandon.

PRE-ORDER! AVAILABLE: Wednesday, July 23rd

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 30th.


“But we can’t,” Melantho whispered, “Sapphire will be home.” She giggled as Blandon took her hand and led her up the short path to her stone hut. He really was gorgeous, with his light brown hair which hung around his shoulders, and his big green eyes which twinkled with mischief. His mouth seemed to be in a permanent smile, and he had the most dazzling, perfect teeth.
“She won’t mind. Besides, she’ll be busy herself.” He grinned as he winked at her and Melantho blushed. Even in the semi-darkness she was sure he could see how red her cheeks were.
“But it’s not dark enough yet.” Melantho protested with a smile.
Blandon sighed as they reached the door of the little hut she shared with Sapphire. “It’s OK if you don’t want to.” His voice was sad but understanding.
Melantho reached up to his soft cheek and stroked it tenderly. They had had this discussion so many times before and each time she got a little nearer to giving in to what she really wanted. What he also wanted. The familiar feeling churned in her stomach and she found herself wanting to cry. She sniffed and quickly looked away from his handsome face as she felt the hot tears prick the edges of her eyes.
“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” His hand was on her face now, wiping a tear which had made its bid for freedom down her hot face.
“It’s not your fault. It’s just me.” She just managed to get the words out before great sobs heaved up from the back of her throat and she gulped to try to push them back down.
“Come on, let’s go inside and talk for a bit.” Blandon’s voice was as gentle as his hands as he wiped away another tear before ushering her into the house.
It was even darker inside, and he lit a candle to lead them to the little table and chairs which sat by the open window. There was no moon tonight and it was already getting late.
Melantho sat on the chair opposite him, trembling as she fought back her tears. He gave her a handkerchief and she wiped her face. She felt his strong hands reach for hers across the little table and she gladly placed hers in them. She felt safe in his hands. He was her hero for so many reasons.
“I love you, Mel. I just want to hold you in bed, that’s all. We don’t have to do anything more if you don’t want to. I would be happy just to feel you next to me, honestly I would.”
She stared up at his big, emerald eyes. They were kind eyes. She loved those eyes. She loved him. A warm glow burned in her stomach and she stared at the table in front of her. I don’t want to just be held. I want to make love. How could she ever tell him how she really felt?
“I love you, too, Blandon,” she whispered.
A massive smile spread across his worried face and he gasped at the admission.
Melantho couldn’t help but smile back. She secretly felt proud of herself for being able to tell him that much at least. He had told her he loved her several times, but she had never told him how she felt. She sighed as a weight lifted from her shoulders. It felt like a start, a step in the right direction. A sudden noise from Sapphire’s room startled her and she jumped up. She wasn’t sure whether it was giggling or crying. Blandon seemed a little wary as Melantho glanced over at him before making her way to the far bedroom. She put her ear to the rough wooden door before turning the handle. She gasped. Blandon was suddenly behind her, holding her gently as she stared into the darkness.


Melantho was already inside the bed, covered by a large Elmwood leaf, by the time he was undressed and he giggled.
“Mel, you are so beautiful, why are you so modest about your body? You’re perfect, surely you don’t have issues with it?” He sounded incredulous but kind, as he snuggled in beside her.
“It’s just the way I am.” She nudged against him, relishing in his warm body.
“Well I guess you’re not used to all this yet are you?” He stroked her body as he lay on his side.
“What do you…?” Her words were lost as his mouth covered hers in another deep, lingering kiss. She could smell his musky scent along with his heat and her breathing started to become heavier again. The glow flared up inside her tummy once more and she felt her whole body start to burn deliciously. His tongue took over her mouth, and his hands swept down and removed her bikini bra. Her mind was turning to mush as he reached down and began to slide her bikini briefs down. As she bent her knees to allow him to remove them a panic ripped through her body and she jerked upward.
His strong hand held her back down as he chuckled into her mouth. With the other hand he took the panties from her and she kicked her legs in protest.
“Shh, it’s all right,” he whispered when she almost bit his tongue to end the kiss.
“But…” She wasn’t sure what she was trying to say so she just stared up at him.
She saw his confidence turn to concern in a nanosecond and his hand came straight back up to stroke her face.
“Tell me.”
She couldn’t speak. She didn’t know what she would say even if she could. Her mouth went dry and she felt her throat tighten. Her body was still burning, craving for his touch. Her head was screaming at her to stop him. She just stared into his big, kind eyes and forced herself to breathe.
Blandon slid onto his back and pulled her against him. She snuggled into him as her mind whirled. She loved the feel of his hot flesh next to hers, and his scent enveloped her in a cloud of safety. Melantho closed her eyes and breathed him in. She laid her head on his strong chest and heard his patient heart beating steadily. Her tension began to ease as he held her in his muscular arms. She felt him gently kiss her hair and she sighed. Slowly she began to calm down and her thoughts began to rationalize. It’s dark. He can’t see me. Even without the covers he wouldn’t be able to see everything. I want him. I really want to make love with him. Tonight.
She opened her eyes. It really was pitch dark. She put a hand out and felt the hard muscle of his chest. It was smooth. She felt it rise and fall with his breathing for a while before she let her hand drift down to his taut stomach. Again there was just muscle and smooth skin. Gorgeous. Slowly she let her hand trail down a little further. His hip bone jutted out, making a soft valley down toward his pubic region. She took a few deep breaths before allowing herself to explore the little coarse hairs. The warm glow had returned to her stomach and it burned brighter as she toyed with his body. She heard him give a little gasp and felt a twitch as his cock nudged her hand. It felt warm and hard, but the skin was beautifully smooth. It was even thicker than she expected, and she could feel it growing larger and harder as she stroked it. She felt his hand grasp her shoulder as his breathing hitched and she took his throbbing member in her hand.
Slowly she began to pull the smooth skin through her fingers, and felt a stream of hot liquid flow over them. Beneath her head she could hear his heart beating rapidly and she felt his breathing speed up and become deeper. A thrill of excitement ran through her at the realization that she was turning him on.
Melantho felt him stroke her shoulder gently before his hand slipped to the outer edge of her breast. A wonderful tingle inside her warmed her through. She felt her nipple tighten to a hard nub before he even touched it. His hand was soft as it trailed rings over her pulsating breast and she willed him to reach her most sensitive tip. He continued to torment her and she felt her breathing quicken in anticipation.
His fingers drifted nearer and nearer until, at last, his forefinger stroked her hard nipple. It must have been directly linked to her pussy, as a whoosh of liquid escaped her and she gasped at the sensations which streaked through her body.
She felt him move and looked up to see his lips coming toward hers as he engulfed her in a mind-blowing, possessive kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, digging in and out. Her pussy continued to weep as she imagined the hard cock in her hand slowly entering her. He pulled her on top of him and she felt the length of his rock hard dick against her pussy. She instinctively pressed herself against him.
“Ride me,” he whispered close to her ear.
She stared at him. “But I’ve never…”
“I know. Trust me, you’ll be in control.” His words were gentle but confident. She felt empowered by them.
He held her hips as she sat up. The cool air wafted over her breasts and she suddenly felt exposed. As if reading her mind, he held onto her arms, preventing her from covering herself. She looked down. Through the thick darkness she could just make out the shape of her large breasts. She could see the outline of his masculine face and his beautiful smile. Shadows highlighted his chest muscles which rippled as he moved. His biceps were barely visible as he held onto her hands. As she took in the sight of him she became even more aroused and soon forgot to feel self-conscious.
“Do you want me, love?” he whispered tenderly, but she could detect a coarseness which suggested his passion was mounting.
“Yes.” She gazed at his lovely face as he lifted her onto his massive cock.

Bella’s love of writing started at a very young age.  While at Junior School, she was once asked to write a story that was to be displayed on the window due to lack of wall space (remember Portakabins?)  Unfortunately, once she gets going she tends to run with an idea right up until the conclusion – and it has to have a happy ending!  The story was so long it covered several windows and caused a blackout in the tiny classroom!
She is British and lives in the beautiful English countryside with one of her three gorgeous daughters and her wonderful husband, often referred to as her “current husband” just to keep him on his toes!  They live in a big haunted house therefore Bella’s housework is never done as the ghost keeps moving things around - the bedroom isn’t the only place where things go bump in the night ;)
Open top cars and country music are among Bella’s favourite things and her fondness for shopping is only surpassed by her love of Châteauneuf-du-pape.

Bella would love to hear from her readers.  Connect with her at:

'SACRIFICES OF THE SIREN' is the last book in the 'SIRENS AND SAILORS' series
and it is recommended to read them in order for a fuller understanding of the story

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