Monday, 21 July 2014


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I'm really excited that the last book in my 'Sirens and Sailors' series is due for release this week.'Sacrifices of the Siren' tells Melantho's story - and what a sad one it is, too!  This book had me in tears while I was writing it, so make sure you've got your tissues at the ready.

Melantho has always been a bit of an enigma and this book explains why.  Her big secret is revealed, causing even more change to the ways of the ancient island of Refrainia.  It is also a love story - of course - although the poor girl has such difficult decisions to make on that front that it seems quite hopeless at times.

I think Melantho has got to be one of my favourite characters from the series, having been shrouded in mystery throughout.  She is a likeable character whose real strength only becomes truly apparent in this last book.  Lots of 'loose ends' are tied up in this one, and, although the series looks like it could continue in another direction - maybe in a new series - I'm not sure that it will.  At this stage I think it's time to leave the Sirens and Sailors to enjoy their new lives.

For me, it is a little sad to let go of the characters, as this is my first series, and one which I am very proud of. However, as I write this I already have another four series on the go, two of which have already had their first book finished and accepted for publication.  If you like manlove and ménage look out for 'Menage on Moone Mountain' which is the first in the 'Men of Moone Mountain' series, soon to be published by Etopia Press.  If MF romance with lots of adventure is your thing then watch out for 'Dallas at Midnight', the first in my 'Midnight in Montana' series which I have just signed the contract for wit Siren Publishing.  Either way, steamy sex and a good storyline combine to make what I hope you'll agree is an exciting read.

At this juncture, I'd like to thank all my readers for taking the time to read my first series.  Taking a gamble on a new writer is always a bit risky, especially in the current economic climate, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you making the effort - and expense - to check out my books.  I hope you have enjoyed the series and will embrace my new ventures.  

Look out for me this week on the blogs of Honor James, Andrew Jericho and at the end of the month with Michelle Roth.

With my release date set for Wednesday this week I will be devoting my blog to its release this week, so drop in for more info about the conclusion to the series then.  Until then, have a great week and enjoy whatever you are reading and/or writing.

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