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Suzy Shearer: 'Build a Love'

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Thanks for stopping by, it's great to have your company!  Today I'm pleased to welcome Suzy Shearer, who has just released a new book, 'Build a Love'.

Suzy Shearer is a very prolific writer with several titles already available:

E-BOOKS              The Club: Bound
OUT NOW           The Club 2: Uncollared
                                The Club 3: Waxed
                                The Club 4: Displayed
                                The Club 5: Submit
                                The Club 6: Unmasked
                                Daemons Are Forever
                                A Hunter's Heart  -           Book 1 The Hunters
                                A Hunter’s Choice -         Book 2 The Hunters
                                Build a Love

                                Vol 1 - The Club (Bound and Uncollared)

PRINT                    Daemons Are Forever (print release Dec/Jan)
RELEASES             A Hunter's Heart - Book 1 The Hunters (print release Jan/Feb)
DUE DATES         Vol 2 - The Club (Waxed and Displayed) (print release Jan/Feb)
                                Vol 3 - The Club (Submit and Unmasked) (print release Mar/Apr)
                                A Hunter’s Choice - Book 2 The Hunters  (print release May /June 2015)
                                Build a Love (print release June/July 2015)

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Here's the gen on her terrific latest release, and look out for details of how to win a copy at the end, too!


Harriet Kempton has spent the last twelve years of her life being an Ice Queen to protect her heart. Stabbed, raped, and left for dead, she can no longer trust any man.
She is shocked when she meets two handsome builders, Bryan Garrett and Marco Campione. Harry feels an instant attraction to them both and wonders if it’s time to take a chance on love again.
But can she get over her past and move on? Even more important—can she accept a relationship with not one but two men? Two men who have a loving sexual relationship with each other but want Harry to complete them.
Harry has a demon to fight if she has any chance of future happiness. Will these men stand alongside her and help her or will her past be too much for them to handle?
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Great! This was not going well. I went to stand and he held his hand out for me. I did not want to appear rude so I took it. He pulled me up close to him and held onto my hand a little longer than necessary.
“Okay. I’ll just write all this up so it’s clear.”
He looked around for somewhere to sit. The two office chairs were covered in piles of papers, I was trying to move things before the work started. There was a chaise longue that I used, often with my nudes, that was clear except for a cushion so he sat there. Bryan pushed the cushion closer to the end and I gave a start when I saw something purple sticking out.
I groaned softly.
I remembered I had come in here with my friendly rabbit last night. I love lying on the chaise, I was intending to relax and play when the phone had rung and I had tossed it on the chaise. I sent a silent prayer up “please don’t move the cushion again” and tried to look relaxed.
Bryan was writing and had not heard, or took no notice of, my groan. He finished writing and looked up at me.
“Can you check this, please?”
I watched in dismay as he reached for and picked up the cushion, throwing it on the floor. There in all its glory was my purple rabbit.
Please floor, please open and swallow me up!
He looked at the rabbit, then me. Picking it up, he handed it to me.
“You may need this.”
I grabbed it off him and tried to shove it in the drawer of my work desk. Instead, it caught on something and as I tried to jiggle it in the damn thing switched on. The more I tried the worse things got. In the end, I ripped it out of the drawer, turned it off, dashed into the main house and threw it on the counter.
Taking a deep breath to compose myself, I walked back into the studio. He was almost bent double with laughter. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Bryan looked up at me and tried hard to look professional. I gritted my teeth and asked him if there was anything else he needed from me.
“No, but I’m available if you need anything from me.”
My blush got deeper as I realised what he was offering. He stood and my eyes were drawn to the bulge in his pants. I pulled my eyes upward and saw he was watching me.
I was so flustered, I wanted him out—now! Turning, I led the way through the door. I could feel him behind me. We reached the kitchen, the rabbit sitting there in all its glory. I rushed passed and went to the front door.
“It’s been very interesting meeting you, Ms. Kempton. I’m really looking forward to working with you. I’ll um…I’ll see you on Monday morning about seven-thirty or eight o’clock.”
I cleared my throat and shook his hand. “Thank you, Mr. Garrett.”
The smile on his face was so wicked, I just knew exactly what he was thinking and what his words had meant.
He nodded his head and walked away. I slammed the door and leant against it. Oh hell, that was so embarrassing and, if I was honest, a turn-on.
I walked back to the kitchen. The rabbit looked so innocent lying there. Well I would show it!
I recalled that delightful bulge in the front of Mr. Bryan Garret’s jeans and the sexy glint in his eye. There was no doubt I was attracted to him and unless I was very wrong, he was attracted to me. However, I had no intention of acting on it, there was no way was I getting involved with any man. A quick fuck was all I was interested in and certainly not with someone I would be seeing on a daily basis over the next month or so. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about him. He was so cute and the sort of man that I could learn to quickly love, if I ever allowed myself.
I was leaning against the kitchen counter thinking about him and imagining that bulge. If I closed my eyes, I could still hear his sexy voice asking me if I wanted him to go down. I was rubbing my hands across my boobs, and even through the T-shirt and my bra I could feel my nipples getting hard. With my other hand, I undid and unzipped my jeans.
I would make that rabbit pay for what it did!
I pushed my hand in between my panties and my skin and was just running my fingers between my wet slit when the doorbell rang.
Fumbling, I quickly did the button up on my jeans. I tried to smooth down my T-shirt, my damn nipples were sticking out like headlamps. Moving down the hall, I opened the door to see Bryan Garret.
“Sorry I left my reading glasses in your studio. I wonder…” He stopped and looked down at my nipples, his eyes then dropping lower, and he looked up grinning
I quickly looked down and saw not only were my nipples all but shouting, I had forgotten to zip up the fly on my jeans and it was gaping open. Mr. Sexy Garrett got a good eyeful of my lacy red knickers and bare skin.
I ran my hand across my forehead, tried to act natural as I turned and zipped up my jeans. Leading the way back, I stood in the kitchen as he walked into the studio and picked up his glasses from the chaise longue.
Bryan returned and stood in front of me, his eyes smouldering as he whispered huskily, “I can do a much better job than a piece of plastic.”

Bryan looked at me. His eyes dropped to Marco’s hand and back to my face. I knew my breasts were practically overflowing from the way Marco was holding me. Bryan took a step, closing the distance between us. He cupped my face with his hands and kissed me. Softly at first, then he reacted to the way I was kissing him back. He forced his tongue between my teeth.
At the same time, I could feel Marco kissing the back of my neck, my shoulder. It was an amazing turn-on. Two men both wanting me, both kissing me. With one hand around Bryan’s neck, I tried to touch Marco with the other. Marco pressed his body against my back. I could run my hand up and down his side. Bryan had one hand wrapped around us both. As Marco leant even closer, I could feel his erection pressing into my back. I push back against it. Bryan’s other hand pushed up between us to lie on top of my breasts. Marco’s thumbs were rubbing my nipples. I couldn’t help it, I moaned against Bryan’s mouth.
Bryan stepped back and looked down at me. I know my mouth was slightly open, my face flushed, my breathing increased. He picked me up and Marco led the way down the corridor to my bedroom. He flicked on the light. My poor double bed.
How would we all fit?
Bryan stood me alongside the bed and knelt down in front of me. He looked up.
I nodded. With Marco behind me, Bryan unzipped my slacks while Marco lifted my top. I was suddenly very self-conscious.
I knew my stomach and groin were laced with old scars, stab wounds and surgical. Would they be repulsed by them? I lifted one foot then the other so Bryan could remove my slacks and panties. Marco completed his task by removing my brassiere. I stood there naked before them both.
Bryan leant forward and surprised me. With his mouth, he traced each scar, each line, each wound, and kissed them.
“You are so beautiful, Harry. You have the most amazingly, wonderful body. We adore it. You’re a hero to us.”
It was just the right thing to say. At that moment I realised they didn’t see them as ugly scars, they saw them as reminders that I had triumphed over evil.
Meanwhile, Marco was working his way down my neck, across my shoulders and down my back. He paid particular attention to those scars on my back. I felt bare skin against me as Marco pressed against me again. He sat down on the bed and pulled me back toward him.
I sat between his open legs. He was kissing my neck and massaging my boobs. As I watched, Bryan stripped off.
Oh my, that man’s body was amazing!
Oh god—that man’s cock was huge!
I wondered briefly how the hell I would ever be able to accommodate it. The thought went completely out of my mind as he came to me and spread my legs apart. Once more, he got down on his knees. This time it wasn’t my scars he was kissing, this time it was a lot more exciting. Marco pulled a couple of pillows and lay back, pulling me with him so I was lying against his body. He wrapped his legs around mine to keep them apart.
Bryan was tracing my wet outer lips with his fingers and tongue. He held my lips apart and dove his tongue inside. I grabbed the bed covers in my hands. Marco, meanwhile, was doing magic things with his fingers on each nipple and his tongue on my neck, sometimes sucking my ear lobe.
I was in heaven!
Bryan had decided my clit needed some attention. He was sucking and biting it gently, all the while he had a couple of fingers thrusting in and out of my hot channel. I was lost. I grabbed his head as I felt an orgasm build. I held him tight as he continued to finger fuck me and suck my clit. Marco was pulling and pinching my nipples as I let out a soft scream. My pussy clamped onto Bryan’s fingers as I came. He kept sucking on my clit until I could bear it no longer.
He withdrew his hand and held out his fingers for Marco to lick. The two men moved me till I was straddling on top of Marco’s stomach. Bryan got off the bed and rummaging in his jean’s pocket
“Damn. I don’t have a condom! Hon, do you?”
Marco looked over at him. “Sorry, babe.” He grinned at me. “Looks like we’ll have to satisfy you in other ways, babe.”
Feeling very brave, I looked at them both.
“I’m clean. I haven’t had sex for nearly two years and I was tested only recently during my usual yearly check-up.”
Bryan grinned, a very sexy grin. “So are we. Our last test was last month.”
Marco caught my hand. “Are you sure?”
“Yes. Anyway, I can’t get pregnant.”
I could hear the sadness in my voice as I continued. “The monster damaged me so much that it’s impossible for me to.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I hope that doesn’t make a difference between us.”
I was trying not to cry, trying not to lose the sexiness of the moment, trying to pretend it didn’t hurt. Bryan climbed back on the bed and knelt. Marco was rubbing his hands up and down my arms.
Bryan just kissed me. Nothing else, just kissed me. The pain lifted and I gave him a little grin.
“Sweetheart, you’re talking to two men who live with each other and love each other. Children are something we’ve never considered unless we adopt at some point.”
He kissed me again and then he bent down and kissed Marco.
Now that was sexy!
He sat back up. I could feel Marco’s dick pressing against my arse cheeks. I wondered what was going to happen next. I wriggled a little. He grinned. His hand began to trace across my groin and casually brush against my clit. I was soaking again in moments. Bryan half lifted me and twisted me around until I had my back to Marco. Marco had his hands on my hips and then the two of them lifted me and lowered me onto Marco’s hard cock.
I shut my eyes with pleasure as I gently sank onto his broad, long shaft.


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Wow! We can always rely on Suzy Shearer for some hot, steamy romance!  Thanks so much for being my guest today, Suzy, and good luck with your new book.

Thanks to you, too, reader, for joining us - and good luck with winning a copy of Suzy's book!

Take care,

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